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Lunch with Seal.

Thorsten and I had been invited to interview Seal about his upcoming album at the Soho Hotel, London.

We had found Seal to be kind and funny and he had made us feel very welcome. Once the interview was over, Thorsten and I were preparing to leave, packing up our kit when Seal noticed our additional cameras. It quickly became apparent that the three of us shared a passion for the legendary German camera brand, Leica and we were delighted (not to mention a little surprised) when he invited us to stay back in his hotel room. Minutes turned into hours and later Seal's wife Heidi joined us for drinks.

The conversation was fascinating, focusing on photography and camera technology with Heidi providing intriguing insights into the world of fashion. Later, Seal invited us to take a few shots of him which enabled us to make a record of an amazing day.

My love for Seal, his music and for Leica, continues...

Photo Credit: Thorsten Overgaard/AP |

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