A very Harrods wedding

l very indulgent and amusing, however the two hour ‘wedding’ cost £3,500... Mmmmmmmm...

Ethiopia and back in 24 hours!

Patrick and I looked at each other, weary but satisfied having just flown to Ethiopia for an amazing cup of coffee!

Anti-Poaching in Nigeria

Gunshots had forced us to take cover. Face down on the jungle floor, I tried to concentrate on keeping my camera running.

Lunch with Seal.

I had been invited to interview Seal about his upcoming album at the Soho Hotel, London.

The Chile Earthquake

Working as a producer on the features desk often involved working under pressure.

On set with James Bond.

I visited Golden Eye in Jamaica, the place where Ian Fleming wrote so many of his James Bond novels.

Marley Coffee

Rohan Marley, 6th child of the legendary reggae singer and devout Rastafarian Bob, looked every bit the image of his father and I could easi


Michael Fassbender filming Macbeth was the latest famous visitor.

An Afternoon with JFK's Speechwriter

I felt very privileged to meet Ted. Sorensen was instrumental in bringing the Cuban missile crisis to an end when he drafted a letter from J

Capturing an island moment.

It wasn't long before I came across a group of local people, beautifully clad in traditional dress and I immediately regretted leaving

The Cooks

For 15 minutes I was alone on my own tropical island. I really felt as though I could happily wave goodbye to the boat and remain forever, s

Tea with Tony

We entered a shiny gold lift and on exiting were met by Dodi Fayed and Tony who was wearing a massive cowboy hat.

Where in the world...?

Prime Minister Eidesgaard and I met for coffee overlooking the harbour and enjoyed a discussion on environmental issues and life in the Faro

Bill, Al and Hans

He stopped and we had a brief opportunity to ask him about Hilary's chances of getting into the White House. His eyes shone with passion